If you want to study abroad, Singapore is a great place for you. It is considered to be a country with very productive and very competitive education that provides its graduates with internationally recognized degrees. Some of the world-top universities are situated exactly in Singapore and the cost of study here is quite affordable. Singapore has a lot to offer both to its citizens and to newcomers, and here are the main five benefits of studying in this innovative country.

1. Though for many years Singapore used to follow a traditional British-based system of education, things changed over the last decade and today Singapore is considered to be a country with one of the best education systems in the world that is aimed to meet the needs of individuals and seeks to nurture talents.

2. Singapore is considered to be a country with a very stable economy. According to the World Bank’s report, it was ranked 3rd among 145 countries in the terms of doing business. Furthermore, Singapore was ranked among top countries with competitive economies processing great innovative ability and a solid macro economy on the Swiss based world Economic Forum.

3. Any international student will be able to become a part of rich multi-cultural society, represented by various ethnic groups, including Chinese, Malays, Indians, and Eurasians. Furthermore, anyone who comes to get an education in Singapore will be able to enjoy the country's high standard of living.

4. If you come to Singapore, you will be able to enjoy its high-developed telecommunications and an internet penetration rate of 42%, available in all parts of the island. Also, the country is well connected both via sea and air and is often recognized for its quality and efficient land transport system.

5. Though the country is small, it is full of attractions and activities for every taste, so everyone here can enjoy a vibrant city lifestyle. Located right in the hub of Asia, Singapore is also considered to be a great place to start your exploration of the Southeast Asian region.