Monday, June 17, 2024

The Attitude of Singapore Parents Towards Education System

According to a recent poll, most parents in Singapore are satisfied with the education system in the country. To be specific, the study conducted by the Institute of Policy Studies (IPS) showed that 90% of parents believe that education system in Singapore is the best one in the world. Despite being satisfied with primary schools in the country, there is about a quarter of parents who faced to some problems with enrolling their children into a school of their choice. Also, there are some parents who feel stressed when it comes to helping their children with school examinations and syllabuses, as well as large amounts of homework.

Previously, there was a myth that many parents around the country are very unhappy with the education system. The IPS survey 1,500 Singaporeans and permanent resident parents conducted last year dispelled the myth, showing that most parents were actually contented with their children’s primary schools. They feel that the school their kid attends is a good one. And even if some do not, they are satisfied with its quality. So the study dispelled one more myth concerning the mad rush to get children into a school by volunteering and moving house to get a place in that school.

The truth is that 73.6% of parents said they had no problems with enrolling their children in a school of their choice. Furthermore, about three-fourths of parents said they did not undertake activities such as volunteering to secure a school for their child.

Nevertheless, 28% of parents said they had to go through some challenges to enroll their children in a school of their choice. About 70% of them said that the difficulties were caused by a huge number of applications to the school and 30% faced to a problem of few “good” schools nearby.

Though most of the parents are concerned about examination scores, there are also many of those who concerned about their children’s character and socio-emotional development. So while choosing a school, 94% of parents list teacher quality and an emphasis on character building as important factors. Also, 97% believe that any good school must have teachers who care about the socio-emotional development of their students, as well as provide equal opportunities for students from different family backgrounds. Meanwhile, only 73% of parents see a record of high Primary School Leaving Examination scores as a definition of a good school and only 24% believe that there is a need in a huge amount of homework.

The important thing to consider is that parents’ attitude plays very important role in the education of their children. In the most cases, when parents believe that the school their child attends is a bad one, the child will probably think the same. So if you believe that the school is not able to provide your child with enough knowledge, you can be absolutely sure that your child will think the same.