Monday, June 17, 2024

International requirements for dissertations

The dissertation should contain possible solutions to certain problems from the protected area, technical developments or research.

The candidate must bring the dissertation to an ideal state, in accordance with the comments. After that, the work is executed in triplicate, then comes the stampa tesi and it is actually ready for defense. All these stages are regulated and take place in strict order.

The content of scientific results and achievements in the dissertation should be written only by the author himself and indicate no small personal contribution to the development of the field of activity corresponding to the material. Publications in the fields of mass media are mandatory, for candidates of sciences and doctoral dissertations, their number is different.

To begin with, you need to prove to the scientific council the relevance and relevance of the topic you have chosen for writing a dissertation.

The next stage is a seminar of the laboratory department, to which co-authors are invited, and the personal contribution to the dissertation process is analyzed, the conclusion is transmitted to the chairman of the Scientific Council, after all stages a conclusion is made.

The writing of the dissertation and its defense can be divided into three stages. At the initial stage, you need to prepare a lot of different documents.

The next step is to create an abstract. Then you need to collect feedback about the work and approve it from the head of the organization. And only then – the defense of the work, which will be recorded by audio and video recording.

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